By working with Design Intervention, you can improve your product provision from your Product User's perspective by:


  • Identifying & meeting current & future Customer/Client needs;


  • Identifying & developing the optimal product feature mix for the target Customer/Client;


  • Creating products which are intuitive to use;


  • Creating a Customer/Client relationship based on reliability & trust.

By working with Design Intervention, you can improve your product provision from your perspective by:

  • Identifying & developing new market opportunities;


  • Identifying & developing key critical factors of your product to differentiate it from competitors;


  • Reduced production costs by applying Design For Manufacture methods;


  • Attaining the ability to create new products & services & open up new markets;


  • Reduced time to market for new products.

If you have an initial concept or are several generations into a product series, Design Intervention can help you to identify & develop your critical factors for true competitive advantage. 


Our tried & tested product development strategy will help you to create items that fulfill your customer/client needs while helping your company grow & achieve your goals.

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From Concept to Manufacture