If you have an initial concept or are several generations into a product series, Design Intervention can help you to identify & develop your critical factors for true competitive advantage. 


Our tried & tested product development strategy will help you to create items that fulfill your customer/client needs while helping your company grow & achieve your goals.

In service orientated organisations, clear cultural values are particularly important for guiding employee behaviour. It's not that they simply train their employees in service skills. Instead they ensure that a service orientated approach is interwoven into everything the company does. Beliefs, values, & action options are communicated to all members of the organization, so they can be used to guide and mould interactions & decision-making regarding services.


Design Intervention has developed a practical Service Development Training package & supporting Service Development Mentor package to aid implementation & roll out of a service, while creating an innovative Service Orientated Culture. 


What can we offer?

  • Training in Service Development tools, tailored to specific sectors & demonstrated through relevant case study examples;


  • An opportunity for staff to use Service Development methodologies to examine an issue within their own organisation & generate new & innovative solutions;


  • Sufficient training to allow staff to apply Service Design & Development methodologies on a large-scale & ongoing basis;


  • Ongoing support through a Mentoring service available on an as-needs basis.

Interested in learning how we can create a Tailored Training Package for your organisation?  

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