One-on-One Product & Service Development Guidance

Design Intervention's Mentoring Service offers education, tools & advice, in the areas of product & service development strategy to businesses.  Our service offering provides valuable information & advice for any business but in particular to those starting out on a journey of entrepreneurship who may not have foreseen the many challenges that can arise.  Each project is taken on an individual basis & aligns the approach to the long-term objectives & strategic positioning of the client. 

Some key benefits of our Mentoring Service include:

  • Exposure to new ideas & ways of thinking;

  • Advice on developing strengths & overcoming weaknesses of your core offering;

  • Advice on identifying & developing new offerings;

  • Guidance on professional development & advancement;

  • Increased visibility & recognition within the company;

  • The opportunity to develop new skills & knowledge;

  • Develop a culture of personal & professional growth;

  • Share desired company behaviours & attitudes.

Interested in learning how we can work with you through a Mentoring approach?