Through a competitive product development strategy organisations can create products that efficiently & effectively fulfill current & future consumer/client needs or characteristics.  


As with the Service Development, Design Intervention has developed a practical approach to Product Development Training & an ongoing support offering to provide participants with sufficient in-house knowledge to drive your product forward.

What can we offer?

  • Training in Product Development tools and approaches, tailored to your specific product & demonstrated through relevant case studies.


  • A suite of Product Development tools & methodologies to identify the critical success factors for their target customers/clients & explore ways to provide additional value offerings;


  • Training in methods to examine issues with the current product offering & develop new & innovative solutions;


  • Sufficient training to allow staff to apply Product Development tools & methodologies on a large-scale & ongoing basis;

  • Ongoing support through a Mentoring service available on an as-needs basis.

Interested in learning how we can create a Tailored Training Package for your organisation?  

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Creating Inhouse Product Development Expertise