Who are your target Users?

What are their needs?

What are you offering them?

Does this offering meet their needs?

How can we meet these needs in a more efficient and effective way?

What emerging needs can you plan for?

Whether developing something new or improving an existing offering, Design Intervention treats every project as unique.   By asking key questions, we create tailored solution packages for each of our clients. 

Our strategy & approach combines an understanding of people, business & design to identify & utilise the current & emerging needs of your key customer.  Our process creates desirable, innovative offerings to create sustainable competitive advantage and to achieve your long term organisational goals.


Design Intervention director Dr. Linzi Ryan is an experienced business development advisor & mentor with a specialised knowledge of Service/Product Design & Development.  Her strategy & approach combines an understanding of people, business & design to identify, target & exceed the current & emerging needs of key clients.  She has worked in a broad range of sectors (e.g. Tourism, Healthcare, Lifesciences, Engineering, Retail, Public Sector Services) providing service & business development consultation from concept development to market launch.  She has also worked with a broad range of individuals, companies & organisations designing products & services from early concept to product/service delivery.  


She was the recipient of Ireland’s first PhD in Product and Service Systems Development, has a First Class Honours Masters Degree in Product Design & Innovation, & a First Class Honours Degree in Industrial Design. 


Our Ethos, Methods & Approach